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In 1956, Nicholas Hannas established Hannas Seeds. At that time, the business consisted of a small garden store and it also supplied hay and pasture seed to local farmers. Soon the company became a primary exporter of creeping red fescue and that continues to this day.

The distribution network for forage seed (alfalfas, clovers and grasses) has since expanded across the prairie provinces.  The native grass, oilfield construction and reclamation industries are now a key market. Golf courses,landscapers, parks maintenance companies and home lawn grass consumers are also significant consumers of Hannas Seeds turf grasses (fescues, bluegrasses, bentgrasses, ornamental grasses and wildflower mixtures).

And lastly, Hannas Seeds Garden Centre has become a year-round destination for garden seed and supplies, home decor, giftware, bird feed and accessories as well as natural and organic personal care and spa items.

It has been over five decades since Hannas Seeds opened in Lacombe and it continues to be a family business that serves families and the agricultural community. We are proud to offer excellent service, quality and expertise to our clientele.



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