Native Grass Blends

The following Native Grass Blends are from the Hannas Seeds 2017 price list. For cost per pound prices and more info about the blends, please contact us or come join our postal mailing list.

Dry Loamy Blend
Moist Loamy Blend
Sandy Blend
Saline Blend
Solonetzic Clay Blend

Hannas Natural Blend

        -Green Needlegrass
        -Northern Wheatgrass
        -Slender Wheatgrass
        -Western Wheatgrass
        -Blue Grama
        -Rough Fescue

Hannas Native "A"
        -Sheep Fescue
        -Slender Wheatgrass
        -Alkali Grass
        -Blue Grama
        -Green Needlegrass
        -Indian Ricegrass
        -Northern Wheatgrass
        -Western Wheatgrass

(click on small picture beneath the larger on at the top of the page to see a map of the Alberta Seed Zones for native grasses)

Zone 1 - Wetland Mixed Wood
Zone 2 - Dry Mixed Wood
Zone 3 - Central Mixed Wood
Zone 4 - Mixed & Dry Mixed Grasses
Zone 5 - Central Parkland
Zone 6 - Lower Foothills

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