Garden Centre

There's so much than seeds in store at Hannas Seeds

You’ll find more than just seeds & gifts in our extensive gift and garden centre

Seeds, wildflowers, outdoor area, grower supplies, pet products, garden tools, for the birds and the greenhouse.


We bring in garden seeds from all over the country and other countries. We also have our own value priced, bulk brand of garden seed.

Potting soil, top soil, sheep, steer and mushroom manure, bark chips & mulch, sand, river stones, vermiculite, perlite, peat moss and Sunshine #4 Mixture are some of the soils and amendments that you will find outside.


A diverse selection of garden seed is found at Hannas Seeds. We bring in garden seeds from all over the country, garden seeds from other countries and we have our own value priced, bulk brand of garden seed.

Garden Centre Lacombe Alberta


Fruit trees, evergreens, shelter belt trees, ornamentals, rose bushes, hydrangeas…just to name a few species that will be found amongst park benches, arbors, birdbaths and fountains.


Everything that you need to start your veggies, herbs and flowers.

  • hemp growing mats
  • plant starter fertilizer
  • hemp mulch
  • seed starter mix
  • fertilizer
  • grower trays & inserts
  • humidity domes
  • peat pellets & pots
  • LED grow lights
  • heated seed mats


A variety of dog and cat food will be found in the garden centre along with products like “Dog Rocks”, pee spot reducer, waterless flea & tick shampoo, chewing deterrent, memorial stepping stones, statues & sympathy cards.


We carry a wide range of essential gardening tools for all your gardening needs.

  • spades
  • hoes
  • pruners
  • loppers
  • hoses
  • sprinklers
  • hand tools
  • sprayers
  • seeders
  • spreaders and more.
  • grower trays & inserts


Everything for the beginner birder to the experienced avian fan can be found in the Garden Centre. Suets, peanuts, sunflower seeds & chips, oil seeds, nectars & mealy worms are just some of the many bird treats and seeds. Chickadee, wild bird & finch mixtures are available in various sizes as is a cockatiel mixture which is a favourite of our resident cockatiels, Woody & Cheeko.

An assortment of feeders for hummingbirds, orioles, finches and wild birds are displayed throughout the Garden Centre as well as birdbaths, heaters, houses and moreā€¦


The Greenhouse at Hannas Seeds is filled year round with tropical house plants, cactus, succulents, citrus trees, herbs and seasonal plants like poinsettias, Christmas cacti or Venus Fly Traps.

Whether you’re looking for tropical plants, succulents and cactus, bedding plants, hanging baskets & planters, perennials, ornamental grasses or trees and shrubs we carry it!