Lawn & Turf Grass Mixtures

All mixtures exceed Common No. 1 or Canada Certified No. 1 minimum standards. Certificates of analysis are available upon request. Mixtures subject to change due to availability. Mixtures come in 55 lb bags; smaller quantities available.

ECOLAWN with CLOVER $4.95/lb

50% Creeping red fescue
30% Kentucky bluegrass
15% Crested wheatgrass, Fairway
5% White clover
A combination of low maintenance grasses and white clover which together make EcoLawn look green & attractive without fertilizer, chemicals or lots of water. The white clover attracts beneficial insects and feeds the bees!


55% Kentucky bluegrass, 5 Star Brand
40% Creeping red fescue
5% Colonial bentgrass, Highland
This blend produces a deep, blue-green, shade tolerant and fine textured turf. It is ideal for fairways or “show” areas where irrigation is readily available.


40% Creeping red fescue
35% Kentucky bluegrass, 5 Star Brand
20% Crested wheatgrass, Fairway
5% Annual ryegrass, turf type
An extremely hardy, drought and sun tolerant blend that is well suited for acreages, sport fields or other dry, sandy or heavy traffic areas.

LOW GROW $ 4.55/lb

25% Creeping red fescue, Xeric
25% Kentucky bluegrass, KenBlue
25% Perennial ryegrass
20% Sheep’s fescue
5% Colonial bentgrass, Highland
A combination of dwarf type varieties that is an excellent choice when
looking for a low growing, low maintenance, shade tolerant mixture.


45% Creeping red fescue
45% Kentucky bluegrass
10% Annual ryegrass
An economical blend that serves as an all purpose ground cover.

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